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Re-bE the Music Listening Method-Music Movement is an Educational and Cultural Outreach Music Program, for schools and the community. Created by Alexia Vassiliou, Re-bE builds a sustainable Music Culture at grassroots level, by making Music accessible to all; introducing the Life-giving benefits of Music and creating awareness for the Environment and for Creative Expression. Re-bE is the experience of Re-Connecting children, young adults, adults, and older adults with Who They Are, through Creativity, Expression, Improvisation, the Environment, and the voluntary act of Music Listening, and by doing so, fundamentally aiding in the creation, the growth, evolution, and cultivation of the new generation of Music Appreciators, Cultured, Well-rounded, Happy, Balanced, Eco-conscious individuals – Protecting and Respecting the Environment, and contributing members of the Global Music, Environmental and Cultural Community.
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